AECC’s appointed box office is Ticketmaster, who also operate our on-site Box Office on show days (situated at the West Entrance of the GE Oil & Gas Arena).

AECC recommend those buying tickets to only purchase from authorised outlets and to be aware of the risks involved in purchasing tickets from touts, auction sites and unauthorised outlets.

The tickets for any events at AECC can be secured via: www.ticketmaster.co.uk/AECC

Ticketmaster Logo

08444 77 9000

Accessible seating

Our venue is fully accessible. For further information and to purchase tickets call: 0800 988 4440

Get instant access to your tickets via TicketFast. Simply follow an on-line link to print tickets immediately after buying them.

The Box Office at the AECC Arena’s West Entrance is open on days when there’s an event, from approximately 5.30pm until the main act takes to the stage.  Ticketmaster operate this facility, and can deal with any ticket sale, collection or enquiry.

Aberdeen Box Office

01224 641122

Aberdeen Box Office sells the tickets for some of our shows. Please visit their website for details, or buy tickets in person at the Music Hall Box Office.

We strongly advise you to avoid the hazards and pitfalls of buying from ticket touts or unauthorised outlets. Too often it ends in disappointment as people pay over the odds for tickets that often never materialise. We recommend you use authorised outlets or reputable ticket agencies, and ensure you use suitably secure website payment methods, to make sure you don’t lose your money – and do get your ticket.