Image of a Showsec employee

Do’s and Don’ts

If you’re attending a concert or show in the GE Oil & Gas Arena, we do have rules designed to ensure the comfort and safety of everyone. Please note them and have a great time with us.


  • In reasonable circumstances we reserve the right to refuse admission
  • To ensure the safety of patrons, security searches may be conducted
  • Bottles and cans are not allowed into the Arena (all drinks must be decanted)
  • No food or drink may be taken into the Arena
  • No audio or video recording equipment or professional cameras (those with removable lenses) are permitted in the Arena
  • No tablet devices (iPads, etc) or selfie sticks are allowed to be used in the Arena
  • Please retain your ticket as you may be required to re-present it (a full list of terms and conditions of sale is printed on the reverse of your ticket)
  • All under 14s MUST be accompanied by an adult, however please see ticket for any event specific age restrictions
  • If you exit the Arena, re-entry is not permitted (there are specific areas provided for smoking outside the Arena)
  • It is an offence to smoke within these premises
  • AECC operate the Challenge 25 Policy (you may be asked for proof of age if purchasing alcoholic drinks)
  • To avoid damage to/loss of your property, please refrain from placing items on the seats.
  • Please remember to take all your belongings with you when you leave as we cannot be held responsible for items lost or stolen whilst on the premises
  • Please do not stand on seats
  • Crowd surfing and moshing are dangerous and may result in ejection
  • We employ the principle of ‘majority rules’ for all-seated events, there are no rules to say you must sit in your seat, but you will be asked to do so if impairing the view of others behind you
  • Strobe lighting, pyrotechnics or smoke effects may be used during the performance
    (for further information please contact a member of staff)

If you do lose an item whilst visiting the venue please call 01224 824824, or email with the brand, colour and description of the item. Opening hours are Monday to Friday 09:00 to 17:00. Please note items can only be held for seven days. After this time they will be passed to Police Scotland Lost Property Office in Queen Street, Aberdeen

To read our full Venue Admissions Policy, please click here