Oil & Gas Industry Conference Success at AECC

Last month the venue hosted Oil & Gas UK’s Industry Conference, a two-day conference organised by the trade body which attracted almost 500 delegates to AECC.

The “UKCS: Open for Business” themed event featured sessions focused on the initiatives underway to restore competitiveness to the North Sea, as well as commitments from UK and Scottish Government Ministers to a sustainable future for the UK Continental Shelf.

A speech by Lord Dunlop told the conference that the industry did not stand alone and had the commitment, support and engagement of the UK and Scottish Government as well as the Oil and Gas Authority.

It was announced that the Oil and Gas Authority is working on an asset stewardship strategy; expanding the concept of asset stewardship to include the full exploration and production life cycle. The size of a company is no barrier to exports, it’s the quality and delivery of a company’s offering that is important, the unlocking global markets session was told.

Deirdre Michie, Chief Executive of Oil & Gas UK, said: “It was a hugely valuable couple of days where we shone a light on areas of our industry where improvements have been made and where we still have work to do. It was really important to get industry and all the relevant stakeholders together in the same room talking about our issues and how there is a need for change to continue.

“Much has, and is, being done by companies to be more efficient and we will continue to focus our efforts on ensuring these efficiency improvements are sustainable ones. We also must find ways of bringing the workforce with us because everyone has a part to play in steering this sector through the challenges we face.

“Our conference has delivered plenty of insights on new approaches, new techniques and new mindsets and we need to maintain the momentum. Yes, we have difficulties, but these must be overcome because are 20 billion barrels of oil and gas still to go after. I believe these last two days have indeed demonstrated that North Sea is very much open for business.”

Graeme Cumming, Interim Managing Director at AECC commented “We were delighted to host Oil & Gas UK’s Industry Conference, which is a key event in both the region and the energy industry as a whole which, this year, conveyed positivity at a difficult time for the industry.”

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