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Concerts - Tickets

1. How can I purchase tickets for a concert at AECC?

Tickets are available from our ticket agent Ticketmaster on www.ticketmaster.co.uk
or by calling 08444 77 9000.  AECC do not sell tickets directly.

2. What time is the Box Office open?

There is a Ticketmaster box office available at AECC on concert days only.  This is open from 17.30 on the date of the show only, and closes once the main act comes on stage.

The Box Office is located at the West Entrance of the AECC Arena.  It is run by Ticketmaster, not AECC.

3. I’ve ordered my tickets as a present for someone and need them for next week, can you send them out to me so I can get them in time?

AECC do not deal directly with tickets, please contact our ticket agent Ticketmaster on 08444 999 999.

4. I bought tickets for a concert/event but now can’t manage to attend, can I have a refund?

Sorry – tickets are non-refundable.  Refunds cannot be given at any time, unless an event is cancelled or rescheduled.  Please see details on Ticketmaster’s website when booking.  You can take insurance out when purchasing tickets incase this happens.

5. What is the age restriction at concerts/events?

Unless otherwise stated by the event organiser, our standard venue age advisory will apply.
It is the recommendation of the venue that children under 14 should not attend in the standing area at any event, and that children aged 14 and 15 should be accompanied by an adult (aged 18+) if attending in this area.
All patrons over 5 years old are welcome to attend in the seated section, unless otherwise stated by the event organiser.
It is also the recommendation of the venue that children under 5 should not attend concerts or events other than those specifically aimed at younger visitors, i.e. children’s shows.

6. I have booked standard tickets, but now require disabled access tickets. What can I do?

In this instance please call Ticketmaster Customer Service on 08444 999 999.  Please note that this must be carried out in advance, if you wait until the event then we may not be able to accommodate your needs.

7. I would like to purchase Special Access/Disabled Seating for a concert or show I would like to attend, what can I do?

All the tickets for our Special Access Platform are sold via our ticket agent Ticketmaster.

In order to purchase tickets for this, please call 0844 847 1655 and choose Option 3, you will then be put through to an operator.  If you would prefer, you can also fill in the form online within the booking page of the event you wish to attend, by clicking on the ‘Accessible Tickets’ icon at the right hand side of the page.

Further information on accessibility at the Venue can be found here.

Concerts - On the night

8. My seat is broken! What do I do?

If you have any issues with your seat, please contact at member of AECC security staff.

9. Do you have a cloakroom during concerts?

Sorry we do not have a cloakroom facility at concerts.

10. Why are drinks purchased at concerts decanted into plastic cups?

The decanting of all bottled drinks is company policy due to health and safety reasons.  At concerts bottles are considered missiles and are often thrown at the stage and
can cause serious injury to the band not to mention other concert goers.

Due to our commitment to sustainability and green issues, all “plastic cups” are in fact, not plastic but a substance called Vegware which is recyclable and is in fact made from

11. Can I take my camera to a concert I’m attending?

Compact cameras and camera phones are permitted at concerts unless otherwise stated.  Any camera which has a removable lens is not permitted within the venue.  This is a stipulation of the acts and their promoters, due to copyright issues.

Photographers must contact AECC (who will pass the request on to the relevant promoter) to request a press pass which, if granted, will allow access with a professional camera.

12. My tickets are classed as “seated” does this mean I can’t get up to watch the concert?

When tickets are marked “seated”, they are in an all-seating area.  In these circumstances if other customers view will be blocked by you standing you will be asked to sit by a member of the security staff.  However we operate on a majority rules basis, and if the majority of people are standing then you will not be asked to sit down.

If you think this will cause an issue for you, we recommend purchasing tickets in the tiered seating (rather than the flat floor seating), as it is less likely (though not impossible) that people will stand in the tiered section.

13. I bought merchandise from a show I came to see at AECC and it is faulty, who do I call?

The merchandise is sold by AECC, please call 01224 824824.

14. The weather reports are saying only to travel if absolutely necessary, but I cannot see that the event I am attending is cancelled – who decides if it will still go ahead?

The final decision is down to the promoter of that event – they liaise closely with Grampian Police and the artist(s) performing to decide the best course of action for all.  AECC do not have the authority to cancel any concert if the promoters decide it will proceed.

Parking, Travel, & Accommodation

15. Is there parking available onsite?

Yes there is parking available onsite.  Click here to find out all the information you will need when parking at AECC.

16. What bus can take me to AECC?

The Park & Ride (number 40) will take you directly to AECC.

After all concerts the Gig’n’Go bus service is available to take you back to Aberdeen’s City Centre, this service costs £3.

17. What hotel is nearest to AECC?

The Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn Express hotels are located next door to AECC.

18. I am attending a meeting starting at 8:30am, it would be very disruptive to have to leave the meeting to pay for parking at 9:30am – what can I do?

Payment for parking can be bought in advance of the chargeable hours.  For example, if a delegate arrives at 8.30am and puts their £3 in the machine, the ticket will be valid from when the parking charge comes in force (9.30am).


19. Is there catering options available for a meeting we are having on site?

Yes AECC have an in-house catering team who specialise in providing high quality food using local suppliers

20. I am attending a concert at AECC, will I be able to purchase food on site?

There is always a range of food available to purchase at concerts and events.  There are hot food catering stands and the bar sells a selection of crisps and confectionary.

Don’t bring your own!

Facilities - General

21. Is smoking permitted at AECC?

No AECC is a no-smoking building, but we do have specific outside smoking points at concerts for those wishing to smoke during a performance.

22. I would like to make a complaint, how to I do this?

Our Customer Care Policy can be viewed by clicking here.

23. Is there a cash machine available on site?

No – there is no cash machine at AECC, however, we do accept card payments (including contactless).

24. What do I do if I require medical assistance while at a concert or event?

Please inform a member of the AECC/Showsec security team who will get a First Aider to you.

25. I am a wheelchair user or have special access requirements - where can I find more information?

You can find our accessibility information by clicking here.

26. I lost a personal item at the venue - how do I retrieve it?

For Lost Property enquiries please call, 01224 824824, or email [email protected] with the brand, colour and description of the item. Opening hours are Monday to Friday 09:00 to 17:00. Please note items can only be held for seven days. After this time they will be passed to Police Scotland Lost Property Office in Queen Street, Aberdeen.