The Commonwealth Games Have Been Amazing and One of Our Team Was There!

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With 40, 000 people in Celtic Park, dancing Tunnocks teacakes, the Forth Rail Bridge being held up by cans of Irn Bru and Scotty Dogs introducing 6, 500 athletes from 71 Commonwealth Countries  – It all kicked off with a bang! Now, 650 medals later (the last time we counted!) it has all come to an end!

AECC’s Exhibition Account Co-Ordinator, Lynne Reilly, has been down in Glasgow volunteering as a Clyde-sider at the Games and we would like to congratulate her on being part of such a successful and wonderful event for Glasgow and Scotland.

Lynne was based at the Hydro, Clyde Auditorium and SECC which meant she got to witness Team Scotland take medals home in Judo, Gymnastics and Boxing as well as see athlete compete in rhythmic gymnastics, weightlifting, netball and boxing.

We would also like to congratulate all the athletes who have taken part in the Games, especially those from Aberdeen including Rebecca Bee, Claire Brownie, Zoey Clark, Lewis Clow, Laura Cluxton, Fiona Duncan, Viorel Etko, Neil Fachie, Leigh Fawcett, Jonathan Hammond, Rachel-Louise Masson, Andrew McGovern, Jen McIntosh, Hannah Miley, Jack Ness and Neil Stirton!


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