AECC Partner with Roadwise to Improve Road Safety in North-East




Since Spring 2016, Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre (AECC) have been working in partnership with Roadwise Driver Training, a business owned by of Aberdeen Foyer, to help promote and improve safe driving practices in the North-East of Scotland.

As the largest independent driver training provider in the region, the Roadwise team led by a former Police driving instructor, delivers training designed to instil road safety awareness as well as the appropriate attitude and behaviours in drivers from an early age.

AECC provide an off-road area for Roadwise training courses which includes an Introduction to Driving for Under 17s and scope for learner drivers to develop their manoeuvrability skills. The space is also used for trailer towing candidates to practice reversing manoeuvres.

In the past year, over 60 delegates have benefited from taking part in Roadwise sessions at AECC, ranging from learners struggling with parking to those looking to familiarise themselves with vehicle control in a calm environment.

The profit generated by Roadwise directly supports the work of Aberdeen Foyer, a local charity who work to prevent and alleviate homelessness and unemployment, enabling people in Aberdeen City and Shire to build confidence and cultivate their skills and talents to make major and lasting changes in their lives.

Fiona Mann, Director of Operations and Safety at AECC said “AECC have been working alongside Aberdeen Foyer for a number of years on their Employability Scheme which helps unemployed young people get in to the working world. The partnership with Roadwise gives us the chance to build on this, already strong, relationship. Knowing we can provide the space to help better road safety in the North-East is something we are proud to be a part of.”

Dave Watson, Founder and Executive Director of Roadwise said, “We are grateful to AECC for providing an off-road facility to add value to our driver development programmes. In a safe and quiet environment, learners can concentrate on building up their confidence and expertise without the distraction of other road users.  It is an excellent facility to enable learners to enhance their skills en route to becoming safe and responsible drivers.”


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