Responsible Visitor Charter

AECC’s Responsible Visitor Charter: Seven things YOU can do:

  1. Conserve Energy: Switch off lights and other electrical appliances when leaving a room. Close windows if the heating is on (there is an adjustable thermostat in our rooms which can be used to change the temperature).
  2. Give the Car a Rest: Even if only for one day – walk, cycle or use public transport. We’re located on the Red and Pink line local bus routes (service numbers 1, 2 and 13) and the nearest bus stop is only a short walk way, with the Park and Ride facility on-site offering fast and regular bus services into town and Gig‘n’Go in operation at concerts.
    AECC encourage visitors to find an alternative way to travel to the Venue, there are footpaths to take you right to our door (plan your journey here) and cycle lanes to guide you here safely. For more information on cycling in the City, please click here. All our travel information can be found here.
  3. Shop Local: Use local products – they give a flavour of the area and also help support the local community. AECC source locally wherever possible, with suppliers for example Ola Oils (produced 18 miles from AECC) and Vegetables (grown 50 miles from AECC).
  4. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Avoid overly packaged goods. Use recycling points (look out for AECC’s green recycling stations). Say no to that extra carrier bag. AECC use Vegware for our soup bowls, “plastic” cutlery, sandwich and salad packaging – this is a recycled item made from corn and is biodegradable – so by eating at AECC’s Cafe Concourse you are choosing a sustainable lunch option!
  5. Be Water Wise: Turn the tap off when you are not using it, eg washing your hands, or at home when you are brushing your teeth. Only flush toilet paper, anything else ‘Bag it and Bin it’.
  6. Respect Nature: Don’t drop litter. Guard against fire. Use footpaths and cycle-ways responsibly.
  7. Support Green Businesses: Thousands of British businesses are working to reduce their carbon footprint. The Green Tourism Business Scheme awards these businesses Bronze, Silver or Gold based on their efforts to be more sustainable. AECC was awarded Gold status in December 2012!

Please take part in our survey to help us improve our sustainability practices


For further information please email us.