AECC Support #MissingType

All A’s, B’s and O’s have disappeared from AECC’s Social Media pages today as part of the International #MissingType Campaign which we are proud to support.

The purpose of the campaign is to highlight that people rarely think about their blood type – most don’t even know what it is. But if that ‘type’ were to go missing around them in everyday life, people would start to notice and pay closer attention to the need for donors.

We may have #MissingType in our logo but you can help us fill the gaps and save lives.
Every minute of every day someone in Scotland receives blood as part of a life-saving or life-enhancing treatment. Only 4% of the population are active blood donors. The Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service (SNBTS) must welcome 5000 blood donors every week to meet the needs’ of patients in Scotland. We aim to have 6 days supply of each blood group at all times to continue to meet hospital requirements.

Whether you’re a new donor; returning donor or a regular donor, SNBTS would like to invite you to your local blood donating session. To register as a blood donor or to find out where the nearest donation session is, call 0345 90 90 999 or visit

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